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In these times, many weddings are scaling down the size of their events.  Some people even ask if they should do dance lessons or just learn something on YouTube (omg!)….
Let’s look at the alternative of what NOT having dance lessons could do with our
10.  We don’t know what dancing is, so we skip this part of the wedding.
9.  I have never really danced WITH someone, so I keep stepping on my spouse’s feet.
8.  The only dance we know is the “bellyrub”……and we do this for the whole dance.
7.  Your new spouse gets bored during the dance and decides to strike up conversation.
6.  You both try to do a spin and the bride ends up with a twisted wrist……wouldn’t ya know it, the ambulance cannot find parking…
5.  Your spouse gets stage fright and just stares at you.
4.  Your new husband steps on your dress and you have a ‘Janet Jackson’ moment.
3.  You finish dancing the dance and no one realizes you were dancing.
2.  At the rehearsal, you both discover your in-laws know ballroom dancing and they are looking forward to the Father/Daughter Mother/Son dances.
and finally!!!
1.  You go to dip your new wife with a big kiss and you both end up falling over the dress landing on both the floor…..and Facebook!

Wedding Season is Coming!

We have already started booking lessons for wedding couple getting married in early 2014!  Don’t wait to do your lessons at the last minute as it is too late then. Do your dance lessons early, video tape them and then practice when you find the time in the comfort of your own home.vondance-logo-flat1.jpg