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That’s right! We come to YOU! With today’s busy schedules, it is hard to make time to not only have a lesson, but to DRIVE to it. With our method, we schedule your ballroom dance lessons in your HOME, CONDO or ATHLETIC FACILITY at a time that is convenient for you. Let US do the driving so all you have to do is have fun! Salsa, Ballroom, Tango, Latin, Hustle and more! Call anytime at 954-662-6789 to leave a message and we will call you back when an instructor is available.

We get this question a lot. First and foremost, you want to bring the music you want to dance to at your wedding reception. If you are dancing to a live band, have them make you a demo of the song(s). Second, you want to bring shoes that are the closest to what you will be wearing during the dance (sole type and heel height). Lastly, you need to find out the measurements and arrangement of your dance space. You do not want to end up with a routine that is bigger than the space allows, right? An optional item to bring is a video camera. If you aren’t good with learning, you can video your lesson so you don’t miss a beat. Now you are all ready for your first lesson…call today (and don’t wait until the last month)!